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Alexander Konovalov gap at gap.zssm.zp.ua
Tue Aug 31 20:32:09 BST 2004

Dear Peter Brooksbank and GAP Forum,

I  believe  that this problem is actually caused by permissions. There
are  several  ways  of  resolving it. The idea to grant all users full
access  to  the  gap4r4  directory  do  will  work,  but it may be not
compatible  with  current  permission  policy  implemented  by  system
administrators of your organisation.

The clean approach depends on the way how you launch GAP.

If  you  are  using gap4r4\bin\gap.bat or gap4r4\bin\gaprxvt.bat batch
files,  than  you  may copy this files to your "home" folder, i.e. any
local  folder  where  you  have  full access, and then start GAP using
these  batch  files.  Then  you will be able to read from and write to
this  directory.  You  may  also  create shortcuts pointing to *these*
files on the desktop or in the main menu.

If  you  prefer  to  use shortcuts, than you should change the working
directory  in  the  shortcut properties to the desired directory where
you  have  full  access  rights.  Alternatively,  you  may  create new
shortcuts as it was explained in the previous paragraph.

Note  that  changing  gap4r4\bin\gap.bat  you  can  also  modify other
parameters, like initial amount of memory, etc.

Hope this helps.

Sincerely yours,
Alexander Konovalov

On Monday, August 23, 2004 at 8:14:14 PM 
Brooksbank <pbrooksb at bucknell.edu> wrote:

> Dear Forum

> I have questions that are more about operating systems than GAP, but maybe 
> someone can help. I am about to introduce GAP to the students in my algebra 
> class, and the tech people at my college installed the system on a 
> collection of windows machines in one of our computer labs. In the past, I 
> have only installed and used GAP on Linux machines, and I'm having trouble 
> both logging GAP sessions to external files, and reading external files 
> into a GAP system. The

> LogTo(<filename>)

> command results in an error. The problem with the

> Read(<filename>)

> command is that I don't seem to be able to save files inside the "gap4r4"
> folder or any of its subfolders. Are the two problems related? Is it that 
> permissions to write files to the "gap4r4" folder need to be set by system 
> administrators?

> I'd be most grateful if anyone can answer these specific questions and/or 
> have suggestions/tips for using GAP on windows.

> Best Regards,

> Peter Brooksbank

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