[GAP Forum] P/G/L/V/ext names in Character Table Library

Prof. Malka Schaps mschaps at macs.biu.ac.il
Wed Aug 25 11:10:38 BST 2004

Dear gap-forum,
    I am a heavy user of the 1129 character tables which are in the
character table library, and most of the groups are easily identified
from the names that occur in LIBLIST.firstnames[i], but I am
having difficulty with names like P21/G2/L1/V1/ext2.  I have
figured out that this is probably of the form 2^r:G, where G is
a permutation group, often A_n or perhaps S_n.  Is there a way
to decipher this from the name?  Is there a list somewhere which
translates these names?  I need this for my database of blocks of defect
2, which I would like to make as transparent as possible, and also for a
student whose is trying to determine which blocks are obtained from
others by Clifford theory.  Here is the data base address for the
prime 3, which shows which groups are important to us.  The database
was prepared in GAP.

					Mary Schaps

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