[GAP Forum] using GAP on windows

J.F. Huesman qphysics at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 24 04:15:20 BST 2004

While I am sure there will be more constructive answers, my suggestion would be
to ask your IT people to install Cygwin on the windows machines. I run Cygwin
on every windows computer I own, NT, 98SE, and XP OS's. 
A symbolic link gap -> "install directory"/bin/gap.bat and you're up and

Best luck to you,

J.F. Huesman
--- Brooksbank <pbrooksb at bucknell.edu> wrote:
> Dear Forum
> I have questions that are more about operating systems than GAP, but maybe 
> someone can help. I am about to introduce GAP to the students in my algebra 
> class, and the tech people at my college installed the system on a 
> collection of windows machines in one of our computer labs. In the past, I 
> have only installed and used GAP on Linux machines, and I'm having trouble 
> both logging GAP sessions to external files, and reading external files 
> into a GAP system. The
> LogTo(<filename>)
> command results in an error. The problem with the
> Read(<filename>)
> command is that I don't seem to be able to save files inside the "gap4r4"
> folder or any of its subfolders. Are the two problems related? Is it that 
> permissions to write files to the "gap4r4" folder need to be set by system 
> administrators?
> I'd be most grateful if anyone can answer these specific questions and/or 
> have suggestions/tips for using GAP on windows.
> Best Regards,
> Peter Brooksbank
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