[GAP Forum] How to make GAP use a representation

krishna mohan trebauchet1986 at yahoo.co.in
Tue Mar 30 07:38:12 BST 2010


     My current project involves working with representations. I have seen that the package "repsn" allows one to construct the irreducible representation corresponding to a particular character in the irreducible character table. Also, it can give you an equivalent representation for a given representation as well as reduce a given representation into irreducible representations.

There are two thing I would like GAP to do for me....but I am unable to find how to get it done..

1. Specify a representation to GAP in matrix form and make it work with that representation.

2. Take direct (Kronecker) product of two irreducible representations (or any two representations) to give a new representation.

If I know how to do the first part, I think I can use the Kronecker product function on matrices to achieve the second.

Thanks in advance

Krishnamohan P
Indian Institute of Science

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