[GAP Forum] Modified ConjugacyClassesSubgroups?

Joe Bohanon jbohanon2 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 9 18:31:45 BST 2008

I am curious to know if there is either a built-in function or a way to 
modify the existing code to do the following:

I have a group G and a subgroup H.  I want to compute the conjugacy 
classes of subgroups H where conjugacy is taken in G, instead of H.  The 
way I've been doing it is the following:


Then I manually check to see how which classes are fused in G and remove 

Is there a way to get the same results without doing that?  In other 
words, could I use the cyclic extension method, except compute the 
zuppos of H as conjugacy classes of G and do all the required 
calculations in G instead of H?


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