[GAP Forum] Symmetric bicharacters

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Dear Shaun,

Thanks for your  message.
I think there is no isomorphism between 
Hom( A, Hom(A, C^*)) and Hom( A \otimes A, C^* ). 
There is an isomorphism between Hom(A, Hom(A,C^*))
and the group of all functions T: A x A --> C^*
that are multiplicative in both components, i.e.,
T(ab, c) = T(a, c)T(b, c) and T(a, bc) = T(a, b)T(a,c). 
Am I right?
My previous question is equivalent to the question:

How to create the group of all non-degenerate functions T : A x A --> C^* that are multiplicative in both components such that T(a, b) = T(b, a), for all a,b \in A.
Non-degenerate here means that: If T(a, b) = 1 for all b \in A, then a=identity.


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Dear Dan,

Perhaps you meant "homomorphisms"?  Surely there are no isomorphisms
f : A
--> Hom(A, C^*), since there is an isomorphism on homomorphism sets:

adj :  Hom( A, Hom(A, C^*) )  \cong  Hom( A \otimes A, C^* ),

and the condition that (f(a))(b) = (f(b))(a) for all a, b in A implies that
adj(f) is a homomorphism f' with the property that f'(a \otimes b)
= f'(b
\otimes a) for all a in A.  Such an f' will not be injective unless A
trivial, and in that case, f' will not be surjective.

On the other hand, the homomorphisms A --> Hom(A, C^*) with the above
property can be identified with the representations A \otimes A -->
such that a \otimes b induces the same transformation on C as b \otimes
for any pair a, b in A.  Unfortunately, I don't know enough representation
theory to say much more about the latter.

Hope this helps,

Shaun V. Ault
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Dear GAP Forum,

Let A be a finite abelian group. Let C^* denote the multiplicative group of
non-zero complex numbers. Let Hom(A, C^*) denote the group of all
homomorphisms from A to C^*.

I would like to create the group of all isomorphisms f : A --> Hom(A,  C^*)
that satisfy

(f(a))(b) = (f(b))(a), for all  a,b \in A.

Could you please point me in the right direction?

Many thanks,

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