[GAP] GAP packages for 4.9.1 release

Alexander Konovalov alexander.konovalov at st-andrews.ac.uk
Wed May 2 11:58:14 BST 2018

Dear all,

I've completed picking up packages for GAP 4.9.1 release.
You can see the list of package updates which are picked
up here:


No further checks for package updates will be performed 
until GAP 4.9.1 release. The release is imminent: what
remains to be done is to complete the overview of changes
at https://github.com/gap-system/gap/pull/2418

Thank you for all efforts in adding new and cleaning up
existing tests in GAP packages. We have now tests passing
cleanly in 73 packages


and there are 12 more packages with tests which can not be
automatically recognised as successful:


because of various reasons (actual diffs; different outputs
dependently on other packages loaded; using obsolete testing
methods etc.). It would be very useful to reduce the list of
such packages further, as this helps to check that changes in
the core GAP system or other packages do not break existing

For packages hosted on GitHub, there is also an opportunity
to set up Travis CI and CodeCov as shown in the Example package:


Using Travis CI, you can test that any commit or pull request
in the *development* version of your package does not break
the package, for example see


Using CodeCov, you can see which parts of your code are 
exercised by tests, and which not, see for example


Some packages already have quite good code coverage,
even bigger than the core GAP system itself - see the
list at



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