[GAP] Removing ParGAP from the GAP package distribution

Max Horn max.horn at math.uni-giessen.de
Tue Mar 20 13:15:03 GMT 2018

Dear all,

after some discussion with Alex K, Chris, Markus, I propose that we drop ParGAP from the GAP package distribution starting with GAP 4.9.1. 

Rationale: As described before, ParGAP is without maintainer, and is currently not usable with GAP 4.9 resp. the master branch. Main reasons for that are that (a) it made strong assumptions about the GAP build system, which are no longer valid with the new GAP build system; and (b) it accessed very low level parts of the GAP kernel, which have changed.

So far, nobody has volunteered to make the required changes to ParGAP to make it compatible with GAP 4.9. As such, it is completely unusable there, and it makes no sense to ship it along with GAP in this state.

Should somebody fix ParGAP to make it compatible again, we can of course add it back to distribution. A repository with its code can be found here: <https://github.com/gap-packages/pargap>. This already contains a few changes over its last released version.

Best regards,
Prof. Dr. Max Horn
AG Algebra
Mathematisches Institut
Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen
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