[GAP] New feature: Multiple argument lambda functions

Max Horn Max.Horn at math.uni-giessen.de
Mon Jan 16 09:39:48 GMT 2017

Dear all,

some of us have been discussing about extending GAP's support for lambda functions. Right now, we allow

  x -> x + 1

as a shorthand for

  function(x) return x + 1; end

Some of us think that it would be very convenient to have a similar shorthand for lambdas with multiple arguments, which leads to the initial feature request two years ago at <https://github.com/gap-system/gap/issues/37>.

Subsequently, Chris Jefferson implemented it (code and further discussion at  <https://github.com/gap-system/gap/pull/490>), and we plan to merge it soon. With this email, I wanted to make sure everybody knows about it before the merge, and also to give a last chance to everybody to comment (but please first read the extensive discussion on the issue and the pull request I linked to). The new syntax is planned to be like this:

  {x,y} -> x + y + 1

as a shorthand for

  function(x,y) return x + y + 1; end

Note that we cannot use (x,y)->x+y+1 (at least not without serious complications), as this clashes with the syntax for permutations (again, see the discussion on the issue & PR). The current syntax was selected based on an informal poll at <http://doodle.com/poll/8tty9qg68tz9stc7>.

The old syntax for lambda will of course stay, but you can also use the new syntax for function with 1 and 0 arguments, i.e.:

  {x} -> x + 1
  {} -> 42          # constant function

This also mans that the informal and undocumented syntax extension in HPC-GAP for zero-arg lambdas, which is

    -> 42

could be removed again, using the new multi-arg lambda syntax instead. I'd be strongly in favor for it (I don't think much code uses it, and adapting such code to the new syntax should be straight forward).

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