[GAP Forum] Forming only groups smaller than a certain size

krishna mohan trebauchet1986 at yahoo.co.in
Sat Jul 17 07:50:52 BST 2010


Currently I am running a code which generates groups from a set of generators, 
which in turn depends on an integer n running in the loop.  Now the problem is 
that some groups that are generated have very large sizes (of the order of 
thousands). But I am only interested in groups that have a size less than, say, 

I am using the command GroupWithGenerators to generate the groups. 

Is there some way I can tell GAP to stop forming the group as soon as it finds 
out that the order is greater than thousand. This will cut down the running time 
of the code considerably.

Krishnamohan P
Project Assistant
Bangalore, India

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