[GAP Forum] About certain mixed products of cyclic groups

Hebert Pérez-Rosés hebert.perez at gmail.com
Tue May 11 02:23:15 BST 2010

Dear all,

I want to construct all the groups of type (Zm x Zm) \rtimes Zn for given
m,n, but I don't know how to do that in GAP. In relation to that, there
are a few sub-problems (some of a rather group-theoretical nature) for which
I don't know the answer. I will appreciate anyone pointing me to the right

1. What is the group of automorphisms of Zm x Zm, for arbitrary m?
2. How can I express an arbitrary automorphism of Zm x Zm by its action on
the abstract generators "a" and "b" of Zm x Zm ?
3. How can I get a pc presentation of (Zm x Zm) \rtimes Zn in GAP?

Hebert Perez-Roses
The University of Newcastle, Australia.

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