[GAP Forum] Decomposing direct products of reps into irreps

Vahid Dabbaghian vdabbagh at sfu.ca
Thu Mar 18 18:07:42 GMT 2010

Dear Krishna,

You can use the GAP package REPSN. The function "ConstituentsOfRepresentation" decomposes the given ordinary reducible representation to its irreducible constituents. You can contact me directly if you have any question about this package.

Vahid Dabbaghian

Program Director
Modelling of Complex Social Systems (MoCSSy)
The IRMACS Centre (ASB 10905)
Simon Fraser University, BC Canada
Tel: 778-782-7854

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Subject: [GAP Forum] Decomposing direct products of reps into irreps


        Suppose I take the direct product of two two-dimensional representations of D4...and then I want to decompose it as direct sum of irreducible representations of D4........

I need to do such decompositions quite often for my current project...

So I was wondering if GAP has anything built in to tackle the above task...

I searched the manual but came up with nought....


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