[GAP Forum] polynomial invariants of weyl groups

Jean MICHEL jmichel at math.jussieu.fr
Thu Sep 17 08:27:57 BST 2009

Dear R.N.

On Wed, Sep 16, 2009 at 10:21:08PM -0700, R.N. Tsai wrote:
> I'm trying to calculate the polynomial invariants of weyl groups
> (associated with simple lie algebras over the complex field,
> in the rep corresponding to the rank of the algebra...).
> Does anyone know of any existing packages that can help?
> (CHEVIE has some partial results, but it only runs under gap3). 

Chevie has all cases but E6. It would be probably easy for you to ask the
results from Chevie and then transfer them to gap4.

You should also get in contact with Gerhard Roerhle (gerhard.roehrle at rub.de)
who has perhaps already done that.

Best regards,
Jean MICHEL, Equipe des groupes finis, Institut de Mathematiques UMR7586 
Bureau 9D17 tel.(33)144278119, 175, rue du Chevaleret 75013 Paris

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