[GAP Forum] representation of GF(x,y)

Nasira Sindhu NoemieCr at gmx.de
Thu Aug 27 10:22:55 BST 2009


I´am trying to understand the represenation of the elments of GF(x,y) in GAP.

I need to work with the field F_p^l. F_p^l is isomorph to (Z_p)^l .
Is there a way to translate the follwing output into a representation of (Z_p)^l in GAP:

gap> Elements(GF(3,2));
[ 0*Z(3), Z(3)^0, Z(3), Z(3^2), Z(3^2)^2, Z(3^2)^3, Z(3^2)^5, Z(3^2)^6,
  Z(3^2)^7 ]

I need tuples to handle with them.
Which tuple representation is for example Z(3^2)^2 ?

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