[GAP Forum] List of transitive finite linear groups

Nagy Gábor nagyg at math.u-szeged.hu
Wed Jun 3 17:27:20 BST 2009

Dear Forum,

It is well known that the Classification implies the list of finite
transitive linear groups. The result is due to Huppert and Hering. Many
books and papers contain a list, but concerning the sporadic cases, many
of them is incomplete.

For a paper, I need the complete list. I did my best to collect these
groups and present them in a form which is accessible in GAP.

All I found so far is now on the Wikipedia page:


My questions are:

1) Did anybody worked with this class of groups in GAP before?
2) Did I missed any group from my list?
3) Any comments or remarks to the Wikipedia page?

Thanks in advence,


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