[GAP Forum] New update of GAP released

Justin Walker justin at mac.com
Sun Dec 28 17:36:17 GMT 2008

Dear Frank and Forum,

On Dec 28, 2008, at 11:22 AM, Frank Lübeck wrote:

> On Wed, Dec 24, 2008 at 05:09:35PM -0800, Justin C. Walker wrote:
>> Dear Forum,
> [...]
>> I upgraded from p11 to p12, and then applied the recommended tests:
>>  gap> ReadTest(Filename(DirectoriesLibrary("tst"), "bugfix.tst"));
>> The problem is that
>>   AtlasGenerators( "HS", 1, 4 )
>> fails (returns 'fail').

> This is probably harmless. When the command 'AtlasGenerators( "HS",  
> 1, 4 );'
> is called for the first time, it tries to download the corresponding  
> group
> generators from a server in London. (When successful, the result is  
> cached
> in local files, and you don't need the online access if you use the  
> same
> command again.)
> I guess that when you made the test as described, your computer was  
> not
> online, or the access to the server in London didn't work at that  
> moment.

Thanks for your reply and explanation.

This does not seem to be the problem, though.  I got the failure above  
on my home system, which is always connected to the internet, and the  
failures were repeatable.

Just now, from my laptop (I'm away from home), I upgraded to p12 (from  
p10), and ran the test.  I got no failure.  I then logged into my home  
system, and ran the test again, several times.  Each time I got this  
failure.  I then ran the test on both systems at the "same" time.  I  
got the <rec> error on my home system, but not on my laptop.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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