[GAP Forum] Obtaining Small Group information

Paweł Laskoś-Grabowski pawel.laskos at gmail.com
Tue Dec 9 19:56:56 GMT 2008


I have noticed that GAP Small Groups library provides useful information 
on the structure of groups belonging to the layer 1 of the library, but 
does not do so for (some) bit more complicated groups. I am rather 
dissatisfied by the output

gap> SmallGroupsInformation(1625);

   There are 5 groups of order 1625.
   They are sorted by normal Sylow subgroups.
      1 - 5 are the nilpotent groups.

How can I obtain such a pleasant info like the following?

gap> SmallGroupsInformation(125);

   There are 5 groups of order 125.
     1 is of type c125.
     2 is of type 5x25.
     3 is of type 5^2:5.
     4 is of type 25:5.
     5 is of type 5^3.

And, by the way, what does the colon stand for in the 125,3 and 125,4 
type descriptions? I failed to find the explanation in the help pages.

Paweł Laskoś-Grabowski

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