[GAP Forum] Special Session on Computational Algebra, BMC/IMS Meeting April 2009

Eamonn O'Brien e.obrien at auckland.ac.nz
Sun Dec 7 00:21:32 GMT 2008

Dear Colleagues,

A joint meeting of the British Mathematical Colloquium
and the Irish Mathematical Society will take place at
NUI Galway from 6-9 April, 2009.

As part of the program, we will run a special session on
Computational Algebra, featuring the following presentations:

* Arjeh Cohen (Eindhoven University):
Constructions of curves with given groups of automorphisms

* Bettina Eick (Braunschweig):
Isomorphism testing for algebras (Lie or associative)

* Dane Flannery (NUI Galway):
On deciding finiteness of matrix groups

* Steven Galbraith (Royal Holloway, University of London):
Elliptic curves and public key cryptography

* Gunter Malle (Kaiserslautern):
Computing in Hecke algebras

* Gary McGuire (University College Dublin):
Some computational algebra in cryptography

Abstracts and other details on the Special Session are at
which also provides a link to the main BMC/IMS site.

We hope that you can join us for this event.

Best wishes.
Eamonn O'Brien, University of Auckland
Goetz Pfeiffer, NUI Galway

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