[GAP Forum] groups of order 5^7

Bettina Eick beick at tu-bs.de
Thu Oct 16 07:34:51 BST 2008

Dear Benjamin,

> is it possible to construct all groups of order 5^7 in GAP? As far as I
> know, E.A. O'Brien and M.R. Vaughan-Lee have classified them and there
> is also a MAGMA code on O'Brien's Homepage. Unfortunately, I've no
> access to a MAGMA system. Thanks for your help.

These groups have been implemented in the small groups library and they
are available in the development version of GAP. They will be published
with GAP with the next release.

If you need them urgently, then please let me know and I'll send you
the code as in the developement version of GAP directly.

Best wishes,

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