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Alexander Hulpke ahulpke at gmail.com
Wed Oct 8 05:02:09 BST 2008

Dear Dan Lanke, Dear Forum,

> Let A be a finite (abelian) group. How do I list all subgroups of A  
> x A that are stable under the transposition (a,b) --> (b,a)?
> I know how to list all subgroup, but I don't know how to take care  
> of the transposition condition.

You can use the routine to calculate invariant subgroups, constructing  
the flip as automorphism of AxA.
For example:

gap> A:=TransitiveGroup(8,2); # some abelian group
gap> D:=DirectProduct(A,A);
Group([ (1,2,3,8)(4,5,6,7), (1,5)(2,6)(3,7)(4,8), (9,10,11,16) 
   (9,13)(10,14)(11,15)(12,16) ])

Now construct the flipper automorphism of D:
gap> hom:=GroupHomomorphismByImages(D,D,Concatenation(A1gens,A2gens),
 > Concatenation(A2gens,A1gens));
[ (1,2,3,8)(4,5,6,7), (1,5)(2,6)(3,7)(4,8), (9,10,11,16)(12,13,14,15),
   (9,13)(10,14)(11,15)(12,16) ] ->
[ (9,10,11,16)(12,13,14,15), (9,13)(10,14)(11,15)(12,16), (1,2,3,8) 
   (1,5)(2,6)(3,7)(4,8) ]
gap> IsBijective(hom);

Now construct subgroups invariant under hom:

I hope this is of help,

     Alexander Hulpke

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