[GAP Forum] XGAP and cygwin

Alexander Konovalov alexander.konovalov at gmail.com
Tue Sep 23 10:57:32 BST 2008

Dear Josef, dear GAP Forum,

The question below seems still unanswered in the Forum, and I think
posting an answer here may be useful for the Forum community even
if Josef (I hope!) already solved this problem.

Before starting xgap, first you need to build its binaries. Start
Cygwin shell, go to the gap4r4/pkg/xgap directory of your GAP
installation, and enter the following commands:


Then you need to start XGAP in X Windows, what you should be able
to do in a fairly complete Cygwin installation. Launch XTerm (it
may require starting X-Server separately first, or X-Server may
be started automatically when you call XTerm, dependently on the
particular setup), and then run gap4r4/pkg/xgap/bin/xgap.sh to
start XGAP.

Best wishes,

On 17 Apr 2008, at 13:22, Josef Lauri wrote:

> Hello,
> I have installed gap under cygwin (running windows vista).  
> Installation and
> compilation ran well and functions which could not run under my  
> previous
> windows installation of gap are now running fine. But I am having  
> problems
> with xgap. When I call RequirePackage("xgap"); gap returns with the  
> message
> "fail".
> I would appreciate any tips.
> Thank you.
> Josef Lauri
> University of Malta

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