[GAP Forum] saved output & SizeScreen?

R. Keith Dennis dennis at rkd.math.cornell.edu
Fri Aug 1 22:20:02 BST 2008

I have two questions:

How can I turn off "SizeScreen"?  That is, I'd like output to be one
long line containing no newline characters & no \ .  If I try, for
example, SizeScreen([10000,]), it gets set to 256.

gap> SizeScreen([10000,]);;
gap> SizeScreen();
[ 256, 28 ]

I find it a bit strange that I can't find a direct way to simply turn
of the "for the screen" formatting totally.  I assume that there is one.

Also is there a way to remove the spaces from the output?  As far as I
can tell, if results are read back into gap, omission of spaces causes
no problems.

At the moment I must write a result to a file & use a perl script to
fix things.  This is surely the wrong way to do it.  Presumably I can
do it directly in gap, but it seems a bit odd that I can't find a way
to simply avoid the problems in the first place.  Is there one?



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