[GAP Forum] ring group with quaternion group

Márcio de Jesus Soares soicram at icmc.usp.br
Mon Jul 7 18:53:50 BST 2008

Hi list,

I have a projective resolution for generalized quaternion group Q_{2^i},
and i have a Z-action on Q_{2^i}. I need to calculate the induced chain
map by Z-action.

Indeed, i have to obtain the elements A and B in ZQ_{2^i} such that

(x-1)A=x^k(x^ly-1) and (y-1)B=-(x^ly-1).

Does someone knows how i can ddo this in GAP?

Thanks for attention,

Márcio J. Soares

  Departamento de Matemática, ICMC/USP
  Av. do Trabalhador São-Carlense, 400
     Cx. Postal 668 - CEP 13560-970
         São Carlos/ SP
      Tels.(16) 3373-8164
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