[GAP Forum] Exp for matrix

Alexander Hulpke hulpke at math.colostate.edu
Wed Jun 25 21:40:25 BST 2008

Dear Forum, dear Marek Mitros,

> Is there way to calculate exp(M) for matrix M in GAP ?
That unfortunately is no such functionality, though it probably  
wouldn't be too hard to implement for nilpotent matrices or over  
finite fields.

> It seems there is no real numbers in GAP and no way to present matrix
> exp([[0,-1],[1,0]])=[[cos(1), -sin(1)], [sin(1), cos(1)]]
indeed there are no real numbers (and only a very rudimentary version  
of floating point numbers with fixed accuracy) implemented. If your  
focus is working over the reals you will probably be better off with  
using system like Maple, Mathematica or MuPAD.

Alexander Hulpke

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