[GAP Forum] how to compute all subgroups of order p up to conjugacy

Frédéric Vanhove fvanhove at cage.ugent.be
Tue May 27 08:56:14 BST 2008


many thanks for letting me on this list.  This is my very first question.

This is my problem : let G be a finite group, the order of which 
divisibly by a prime p.  I would like to get a list of all subgroups of 
G of order p, up to conjugacy.

Is there a command in GAP for that.  Right now, I only know two 

 local hom,image,syl,ccs,ccs2,elem;
 hom := NiceMonomorphism(g);;
 syl := SylowSubgroup(image, p);;
 ccs2 := Filtered(List(ccs,Representative),t->Order(t)=p);;
 elem := List(ccs2,t->PreImage(hom,t));
 return pgroups;

This function needs a group g and a prime p as arguments, and it returns 
a list of subgroups of order p.  All possibilites up to conjugacy will 
appear at least once, but unfortunately many of them will appear more 
than once...

The other alternative is :


which works fine as long as g is pretty small, because it's absolutely 
not efficient and it just doesn't finish the job when g is a bit bigger.

Does anyone know some advice?

Thank you very much,

Frédéric Vanhove
Ghent University

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