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Nicolas FRANCOIS nicolas.francois at free.fr
Thu May 8 17:21:43 BST 2008


I'm quite new to Gap. I'd like to study the action of S_3 (symmetric
group of order 3) and A_4 (alternate (?) group of order 4, i.e. the
subgroup of S_4 composed of the pair permutations) on the subsets.

More precisely, I'd like to find, with elementary methods (no characters,
no group representation) the ideals of the R[S_3] and R[A_4] algebras.

Could someone be kind enough to show me how I could use Gap to find :

- the tables of the two above groups,
- the orbits of the action of these groups on their n-parts, with n
between 1 and 6 for S_3, from 1 and 12 for A_4,
- even better : the orbits of the action of these groups on their
algebras ???

Any help would be very much appreciated.


PS : from what I've allready discovered, Gap seems very exciting !


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