[GAP Forum] GAP @ Home?

Michael McDonald mjcforsenate at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 25 20:37:56 GMT 2008

I've had dim, unformulated thoughts along these lines
and am happy that someone has brought them out in the
open.  Might ParGAP be extensible along these lines?
>From my quick trials after installing GAP and
the packages, I think I'm recalling correctly that
you can specify a list of processors/computers via a
url-like format on which parGAP can launch a thread.
This might be managed by hand with small groups of
trusted participants.

To get an application of much complexity going,
compiling GAP code to native machine language would be
preferable than the normal GAP interpreter as codes
can execute for months or years.  An interpreted
application is probably something like a factor of ten

I'm willing to contribute cycles and coding to such a
boinced-up GAP project, although I still need to learn
the GAP system a liitle more.


--- Joe Bohanon <jbohanon2 at gmail.com> wrote:

> At the CGT conference last week the concept of "GAP
> @ Home" was thrown 
> out there sort of as a joke, but I'm wondering if
> that might actually be 
> possible. 
> I'm curious to know if anyone here has heard of
> BOINC.  I forget what 
> the acronym stands for, but it's a meta-client
> through Berkeley for SETI 
> and other programs like it, including one that
> searches for big primes.
> I know at least for the prime programs, you don't
> even need GUI to set 
> it up.  It would be cool if people could make their
> processor available 
> for some of these enormous group theoretic
> calculations that would be 
> impossible on a single machine.
> Joe
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