[GAP Forum] new release of AutomGrp package v 1.1.1

Dmytro Savchuk savchuk at math.tamu.edu
Mon Feb 18 05:12:09 GMT 2008

Dear Forum,

We  are glad to announce a new release of the package AutomGrp V 1.1.1.

It  provides  methods  for  computations  with  groups  and semigroups
generated  by finite automata or given by wreath recursion, as well as
with their finitely generated subgroups and elements.

Several new features were added and couple of bugs were fixed. For
more details refer to file NEWS in the main folder of the package.

The package and documentation is available at

If  you have any problems with installation, please let us know. Note,
that  it depends on FGA package.

Best Wishes!

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