[GAP Forum] Compute Homotopy Groups with GAP?

Jeffrey Rolland rollandj at uwm.edu
Fri Feb 8 22:10:18 GMT 2008

Ellis, Grahamj wrote:
> Jeffrey Roland wrote:
>> I am interested, however, not in the space BP, but the space BP+, the
>> result of applying Quillen's Plus Construction to BP with respect to P.
>> Of course, this makes BP+ simply connected; moreover, it leaves the
>> homology groups of BP+ unchanged from those of BP.
> Hi Jeffrey,
> There is no method in HAP for computing the homotopy groups of BP+. The main focus (as yet) in HAP is on homology of BP.
>  One place to look for ideas is the KENZO package by Francis Ssergereart at Grenoble. It uses simplicial groups and sets to model homotopy types with main focus on simply connected spaces.I don't think it will answer you problem directly though.
> All the best,
> Graham

Dear Graham,

Thanks so much for your input.

I have tried finding KENZO on the net, but all of the links to it that I 
have found appear to be broken. I will keep trying. Hopefully, once I 
find it, it will be able to answer my question.

Jeffrey Rolland
<rollandj at uwm.edu>

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