[GAP Forum] Help Configuring GAP Packages on iBook 900 MHz

Jeffrey Rolland rollandj at uwm.edu
Sun Feb 3 02:21:12 GMT 2008

Alexander Hulpke wrote:
> Dear Jeffrey Rolland,
>> The packages are installed in the directory 
>> /usr/local/lib/gap4r4/pkg/. Inside this directory, there is a shell 
>> script InstPackages.sh; I am attaching a copy of InstPackages.sh.
>> When I cd to /usr/local/lib/gap4r4/pkg/ and run ./InstPackages.sh, I 
>> get the error message "tcsh: ./InstPackages.sh: Command not found." (I 
>> am running tcsh as my default shell.)
> The error is prompted by the fact that the script wants to run using 
> `sh' at `/usr/bin/sh', while under OSX sh sits under `/bin/sh'.
> You could edit this first line of InstallPackages.sh, tough you might 
> get similar errors from other packages.


> Best,
>     Alexander Hulpke


Thanks so much for your reply!

The /usr/bin/sh vs. /bin/sh thing appears to have been it. It's running 
now - yay!

If I have any futher problems, I'll email again, but that was it for now.

Thanks again.

Jeffrey Rolland
<rollandj at uwm.edu>

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