[GAP Forum] Wedderga

Gerhard Hiss gerhard.hiss at math.rwth-aachen.de
Fri Jan 25 16:31:43 GMT 2008

Dear Members of the GAP forum,

it is my pleasure to announce the new GAP package Wedderga by 
Osnel Broche Cristo, Alexander Konovalov, Aurora Olivieri, 
Gabriela Olteanu, and Angel del Rio. 

Wedderga contains routines to compute the Wedderburn decomposition 
of a group algebra of a finite group over abelian number fields and over 
finite fields. Wedderga also contains functions to compute the primitive 
central idempotents of group algebras, and to construct crossed products.

Wedderga homepages are




where you can download the package and its documentation.


Gerhard Hiss
January 25, 200

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