[GAP Forum] Running gap while offline on a Unix system?

Matthew Ragland mragland at mail.aum.edu
Mon Oct 30 22:15:14 GMT 2006

	I ran across this same problem a few years ago.  Jack Schmidt gave 
me a nice solution.  Check and see if you can run `screen' from the 
command line.  If so, then ssh into your server as normal, then run 
screen.  It will appear as if nothing has happened.  Then run GAP or 
whatever.  Holding onto the control button, press `a' then `d'.  This will 
detach your current session.  You can now logout and disconnect from the 
internet while your GAP session is still running.  Later, when you want to 
return to your session, you will need to ssh, login, etc. and then run 
`screen -r' to get back to your GAP session.  You can run multiple screens 
also.  To return to a particular session, you will need to specify a 
screen id.  Check the man pages for more info.  If I understand 
correctly what it is you want, I think this will help.

All the best, 

On Mon, 30 Oct 2006, Scott Anderson wrote:

> Hello all,
> I am doing some computations that require the Unix
> server to work for a great many hours.  I dial in
> from home (well, I dial in to the Internet and then
> ssh onto the server, but you get the idea) and my
> ISP will disconnect me hours before the computations
> are finished.  (I'm computing automorphism groups of
> quantum codes, which I port from Magma into Gap, for
> the record.)
> I can easily put the entire computation script into
> a file, say "scott.g", and save the workspace at the
> end so I can come back later and load the workspace
> to get the results.  My question is, is it possible
> to tell Gap to run a particular script
> noninteractively?  Unix-wise, if I have a command
> that can run noninteractively I can "nohup
> <command-name> &", so can I use this with some
> option of Gap?  That is, can I say for instance
> "nohup gap < scott.g &" to get results?
> Thanks,
> Scott Anderson
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