[GAP Forum] chevie

Petra Holmes holmespe at for.mat.bham.ac.uk
Fri Jul 14 11:20:06 BST 2006

Dear Gap Forum,

I want to know whether some elements of GL_6(q), q=2^n, are in the maximal 
subgroup G_2(q).  For example, I have one sort of element that acts as 
the matrix
/  S      0    \
\  0   S^(q-1) /
where S is a Singer cycle in GL_3(q).  I can describe the others in a 
similar way.

I know I should probably be able to read that sort of thing from the 
character tables in Chevie, but I haven't been able to interpret them well 
enough to recognise whether my elements are in there or not.

Can anyone explain them for me please?


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