[GAP Forum] New GRAPE version

Leonard Soicher l.h.soicher at qmul.ac.uk
Fri Jun 30 12:30:05 BST 2006

Dear Forum,

I am pleased to announce a new version of GRAPE (Version 4.3),
which can be downloaded from the GRAPE homepage: 


Main changes from GRAPE 4.2 to GRAPE 4.3:

(1) GRAPE can now be installed via `/bin/sh configure ../..; make'.

(2) The version of nauty now used is 2.2 final, rather than 2.0beta5,
and canonical labellings may have changed.  Moreover, dreadnautB is now
used instead of dreadnaut, so there is no practical upper bound on the
number of vertices when using nauty.  All graphs stored from previous
versions of GRAPE should have their `canonicalLabelling' component
unbound before use with this version.

(3) Added function `GraphIsomorphismClassRepresentatives', which should be
used for efficient pairwise isomorphism testing of three or more graphs.

(4) `CompleteSubgraphsOfGivenSize' now fully documented to include
the functionality of finding cliques with given vertex vector-weight

(5) `GraphIsomorphism' now documented, and for safety, `GraphIsomorphism'
now has a third parameter <firstunbindcanon>, behaving as in

(6) For safety, (possibly old) canonical labellings are no longer copied
over to a graph returned by `CopyGraph', `GraphImage' or `NewGroupGraph'.

(7) Changed call to  `StabChainBaseStrongGenerators'  to have three
parameters to conform with the changed functionality in this procedure
from GAP 4.4.5.

(8) Fixed minor problem in Makefile.in (reported by A.E. Brouwer).

(9) The standard archive format is now tar.gz, rather than zoo.

(10) grape.bib moved to manual.bib.

Leonard Soicher
June 2006.

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