[GAP Forum] Re: GAP issue

Nilo de Roock ndroock1 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 6 07:04:57 GMT 2006

Thanks Ignat,
This idea about IdGroup() was also in most of the other replies and
yes, it  helps. I suppose that if StructureDescription() was perfect
we wouldn't be doing Group Theory in the first place. ;-)
Kind regards,

2006/3/5, ignat soroko <ignat.soroko at gmail.com>:
> Hello, Nilo,
> I read some of your questions in GAP forum and I'd like to suggest a solution.
> You like the function StructureDescription. This is a wonderful
> function, but it gives only a rough idea what the group is. It does
> not determine the group up to isomorphism. What determines the group
> up to isomorphism, is IdGroup() function. Type IdGroup(G) and you will
> get a pair [ord, nr]. That means that G is isomorphic to the group
> number nr among all groups of order ord, that is to
> SmallGroup(ord,nr);.
> Thus to determine a group up to isomorphism one should use IdGroup().
> And to get some idea what is the structure of the group, one can use
> StructureDescription().
> Hope this helps.
> Ignat

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