[GAP Forum] Class structure identification of symmetric groups

raghunathan raghu_juliet at rediffmail.com
Thu Jan 12 07:56:03 GMT 2006

Hello GAP forum,
        Is there a way to find the different classes of permutations corresponding to different columns of the character table of a symmetric group? 
  For ex., 
        The character table of S3 is displayed by GAP as
     2  1  1  .
     3  1  .  1

       1a 2a 3a
    2P 1a 1a 3a
    3P 1a 2a 1a

X.1     1 -1  1
X.2     2  . -1
X.3     1  1  1
          Is there a way to relate the symbols displayed just above the table i.e., 1a 2a 3a etc., to the different classes (1)(2)(3),(1)(2,3) &(1,2,3) of SymmetricGroup(3)?



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