[GAP Forum] GUAVA 2.0

David Joyner wdj at usna.edu
Fri Dec 17 18:19:16 GMT 2004

Hello GAP Forum:

This is to announce the release of version 2.0 of GUAVA, the
error-correcting codes package for GAP.

Several changes have taken place. Indeed, the tar.gz file has increased 
from 1.4M (for version 1.9) to 2.7M for the new version, the manual
has gone from about 75 pages to 123 pages, and I added about 25 pages of
GAP code to the GUAVA library.

For further details, see the GUAVA web page

Please send any bugs or comments to me (wdj at usna.edu) or
the GAP support list (support at usna.edu).

Thanks,  David Joyner

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