[GAP Forum] problems with pargap

mmarco at unizar.es mmarco at unizar.es
Fri Nov 26 11:44:28 GMT 2004

We are working in the study of line arrangements, and need to solve some
combinatorial problems. GAP seems to be the best option for it, but the size of
our problems is too much for a single computer, so we are trying it with pargap.
The problem is that we are not able to make it work.
For testing, i have installed it in two machines:
the first one is called riemann.unizar.es, and gap is installed in
the second one is called poincare.unizar.es and gap is installed in

we don't use rsh for security reasons, but we use ssh instead.

The content of the file procgroup in /usr/local/bin/gap4r4/pkg/pargap/bin/ is

local 0 
poincare.unizar.es 1 /usr/local/lib/gap4r4/pkg/pargap/bin/pargap.sh

An the content of pargap.sh in the same directory is 

export RSH
if [ "x$GAP_DIR" = "x" ];  then
if [ "x$GAP_MEM" = "x" ];  then
if [ "x$GAP_PRG" = "x" ];  then
exec $GAP_DIR/bin/$GAP_PRG -m $GAP_MEM -l $GAP_DIR $*

But when i execute ./pargap.sh from the directory where it is, the only output i
get is:

slave.c(line 50): connect: No route to host

What am i doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.

Miguel Angel Marco-Buzunariz
Departamento de Matematicas
Universidad de Zaragoza

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