[GAP Forum] Upgrade anxiety

Malka Schaps mschaps at macs.biu.ac.il
Mon Nov 22 12:08:09 GMT 2004

Dear forum,
    How compatible are gap 4.2 and gap 4.4?  I have some long programs
which work fine in 4.2, and before I ask our administrator to upgrade to
4.4, I would like to hear that they won't fill up with bugs.
    I am interested in the upgrade because of this EpimorphismSchurCover
function I just heard about from the forum.  It exists already in the
4.3 that I have on my home computer.  How do I ask GAP to save the
source, i.e., the Schur cover, so that I can transfer it to the
mainframe, which still is running 4.2? ( At least until I get up my nerve
to order the upgrade.)  It is given as a pc group.  Once it gets do the
mainframe, it will be used to calculate normalizers and centralizers of
various p-subgroups for our internet database of blocks with abelian
defect group.  Would it be best to convert to a permutation

				Malka Schaps

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