[GAP Forum] GUAVA 2.0 beta

David Joyner wdj at usna.edu
Mon Nov 15 18:31:16 GMT 2004


I've been working on GUAVA and making a lot of additions.
There is an beta version of the next release, called GUAVA 2.0,
now available at


if anyone is interested in testing it out. Thanks to those who
commented on the alpha version and thanks in advance for
any more bug reports.

Here is a list of some of the changes from version 1.9:

   o Changed `ViewObj` method for random linear codes,
     speeding up the implementation of the RandomLinearCode command.
   o Modified BCHCode and RootsCode implementation.
   o Corrected bug in UpperBoundElias.
   o Rewrote GUAVA documentation into GAPDoc, with many revisions.
   o Added EvaluationCode and related codes
     (GeneralizedReedMullerCode, GeneralizedReedSolomonCode,
      OnePointAGCode, joint with Jason McGowan)
   o Added interpolation decoding method for GeneralizedReedSolomonCode
     (joint with Jason McGowan)
   o Added S. Gao decoding method for GeneralizedReedSolomonCode
   o Fixed bug in MinimumDistance (wrong result if G=(I|A)
     and A had a row of 0s)
   o MinimumDistanceLeon algorithm implemented (joint with Jerry Irons) in
     non-binary case.  - unfinished
   o Added list-decoding algorithm for GeneralizedReedSolomonCode
     (joint with Clifton Lennon - unfinished)
   o Bug fix for SortedGaloisFieldElements (used to construct
     Gabidulin codes).
   o CalculateLinearCodeCoveringRadius changed to a slightly faster
   o minor bug fix for ExhaustiveSearchCoveringRadius
   o minor bug fix for IncreaseCoveringRadiusLowerBound
   o Changed ConstantWeightSubcode so it does not call Leon's
     program if wtdist is not installed. Moreover, the procedure
     interfacing with the binary had a bug, which was fixed.
   o Added check in AutomorphismGroup: if Leon's desauto is not
     compiled (e.g., on a windows machine) then it calls PermutationGroup
     command instead.
   o Added Decodeword (which also works for non-linear codes)
   o Added PermutationAutomorphismGroup (which will replace the
     poorly named PermutationGroup command added in version 1.9)
   o Moved several decoding commands from codeops.gi to decoders.gi
     (with no change in functionality).
   o Added LowerBoundGilbertVarshamov and LowerBoundSpherePacking.

Note that there are still 2 unfinished items to be fininished before
the final release.

- David Joyner

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