[GAP Forum] International conference, Auckland February 2005

Eamonn OBrien e.obrien at auckland.ac.nz
Thu Nov 11 10:12:16 GMT 2004

Dear Gap Forum,
           Geometry: Interactions with Algebra and Analysis
                International conference, Auckland
                      14-18 February 2005
                      Final announcement

This international meeting is one of the key events of a Thematic
Program funded by the New Zealand Institute of Mathematics and its 
Applications <http://www.nzima.auckland.ac.nz>.

Full details of the program and its related events, including a 
workshop at Napier from 8-15 January 2005, can be found at 


The following will deliver one-hour invited lectures:

* Arjeh Cohen (Eindhoven)
* Marston Conder (Auckland)
* Marcel Herzog (Tel Aviv) 
* Rob Howlett (Sydney)
* Bill Kantor (Oregon)
* Laci Kovacs (Canberra) 
* Gus Lehrer (Sydney)
* Martin Liebeck (Imperial College)
* Colin Maclachlan (Aberdeen)
* Gunter Malle (Kassel)
* Chuck Miller (Melbourne)
* Paul Norbury (Melbourne)
* Cheryl Praeger (University of Western Australia)
* Lawrence Reeves (Melbourne)
* Peter Schmid (Tuebingen)
* Carlo Scoppola (L'Aquila) 
* Akos Seress (Ohio State University)
* Aner Shalev (Jerusalem)

Titles and abstracts for talks are available via the WEB site.

The conference will commence on Monday, 14 February, and finish on
Friday, 18 February. In addition to the invited lectures, there 
will be an opportunity for contributed talks, of up to 25 minutes 
in duration. See the WEB site for details.

A range of options, catering for most budgets and tastes, is available.  
See the WEB site for details, including reservation links.
All unallocated accommodation held by us is released after 
registrations close on December 10, 2004.

Further information
The WEB site for the meeting is 

There you can register to participate and contribute a lecture.
It also includes information on accommodation, tourism,
and scholarships which may be available to both local 
and international students.

Registrations close on December 10, 2004. Please register via the WEB site. 

Since the meeting runs during high tourism season, we 
encourage you to act now.

Best wishes.
Eamonn O'Brien and Gaven Martin
Program Directors 

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