[GAP Forum] Sophus package for Lie algebras is accepted

Alexander Konovalov gap at gap.zssm.zp.ua
Tue Nov 2 20:25:47 GMT 2004

Dear GAP Forum,

I  am very glad to announce that the Sophus package by Csaba Schneider
has  been  accepted  as  a  refereed  GAP  package. The package is now
available for download from the GAP www-page http://www.gap-system.org
or FTP sites, and also from the author's homepage at


Following  author's  description  of  the  package,  it is written for
computations  with  nilpotent  Lie  algebras over finite prime fields.
Using  this  package, you can compute the cover, the list of immediate
descendants,  and the automorphism group of such Lie algebras. You can
also test if two such Lie algebras are isomorphic.

The  immediate  descendant  function  of  the  package  can be used to
classify  small-dimensional nilpotent Lie algebras over a given field.
For   instance,  the  package  author  obtained  a  classification  of
nilpotent  Lie  algebras  with  dimension  at  most  9  over  F_2; see

The  Sophus package works in any operating system where the GAP system
works.  Please  note  that to use Sophus you will also need to install
the  AutPGrp  package  (version  >=  1.2)  by  Bettina Eick and Eamonn
O'Brien,   which   is   available   from   the   GAP   site   or  from

To use Sophus online help, it is necessary to install the GAP4 package
GAPDoc by Frank  Luebeck and Max Neunhoeffer, which  is available from
the GAP site or http://www.math.rwth-aachen.de/~Frank.Luebeck/GAPDoc/.

Alexander Konovalov

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