[GAP Forum] reza orfi

Marco Costantini costanti at science.unitn.it
Thu Oct 28 18:18:54 BST 2004

Dear all,

On Wednesday 27 October 2004 10:54, Reza Orfi wrote:
> Dear forum.
> with many thanks.
> I need all groups of order 3^7,3^8,3^9,3^10,5^7,5^8,5^9,5^10.
> but there are not in gap4r4.

As Bettina Eick pointed out, all the groups of these orders are not available, 
and it is suggested to restrict to the groups really needed. In fact, some 
classes of groups can be computed more easily.

I have lists of the groups of orders 2^10, 3^7, 3^8, 3^9, 5^7 and rank (number 
of generators) 1 and 2, and of order 5^6 and rank 1, 2, 3, and 4.
These lists were calculated with the GrpConst package, and a few weeks of CPU 
time. They include all the groups of the given orders and ranks, but are not 
duplicate free. At the moment, these lists are roughly organized as a gap4.3 

Calculating the groups of higher order in this way would require months of 
machine time, and calculating groups of higher rank would require to solve 
problems related to the memory management.

If you are interested, I can give you these lists.

Best regard,
Marco Costantini

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