[GAP Forum] GUAVA 2.0 alpha

Gary Zablackis gzabl at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 28 17:29:31 BST 2004

I downloaded and installed GUAVA 2.0 on my PC running
Windows 2K yesterday.

I ran ./configure and make from a CYGWIN bash shell
and the executables were all correctly created. I
attempted RequirePackage("guava"); and received
several undefined variable errors (I forget what the
exact GAP error message is and am not at my machine).

The following changes fixed the problem:
In lib\codeman.gi:
 InstallMethod(ConstantWeightSubcode, "method for
linear code, weight", true,
         [IsLinearCode, IsInt], 0,
 function(C, wt)
     ###Comment out: local S, c, a, CWS,path;
     ##GEZ add the following:
     local S, c, a, CWS,path, F, tmpdir, incode,
infile, inV, Els, i, D;
In lib\decoders.gi:
 ###??????? insert Irons' code here ??????
 ###GEZ: I just return 0 for the moment
 return 0;

 and all of the tests I have had time to run worked
except for two that I will report to you later, once I
have had a chance to make sure that they are not an
artifact of my
GAP setup.
I hope this is of some help and thanks for the great
Gary Zablackis

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