[GAP Forum] using GAP workspace

Alec Makosi alec at khakasnet.ru
Thu Oct 28 16:17:32 BST 2004

Dear forum!

Whether is able GAP to maintain in workspace enumerators?

More precisely, the situation is those:
I create enumerator for the list in which approximately 200000 elements.
Each element is a permutation enough a large degree.
I save it in workspace. Then restart GAP having loaded workspace. Size
command correctly specifies size of the relevant list.
But attempt to receive "far enough" elements comes to failure
 (the message, something such as "List Element: <list>[1361] must have
an assigned value at
pnt := G.orbit[b * U.lenblock + 1];
 called from ... ").

Certainly it is a pity, if such possibility is not present. And I can
somewhere am mistaken?


Sincerely Alec Makosi.

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