[GAP Forum] Normal basis of a finite field

Frank Luebeck frank.luebeck at math.rwth-aachen.de
Mon Oct 25 16:43:23 BST 2004

On Thu, 21 Oct 2004, Yannis Michos wrote:

> Dear  GAP users,
> How do I  find a normal  basis of a finite  field K?
> Suppose for example that K := GF(16).  I use the command NormalBase(K) I saw
> in the  manual but  there is  a problem.  It seems  I have  to use  the form
> NormalBase(K, elm) but should the element elm be?

Dear GAP-forum, dear Yannis Michos,

Yes there is a problem: So far, nobody implemented a method for computing
a normal base of a finite field. After reading the code below into your
GAP session  commands like

NormalBase( GF(16) );
NormalBase( GF( GF(4), 2 ) );

will work.

A method for this will be included in future updates of GAP.

With best regards,

   Frank Lübeck

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InstallMethod( NormalBase,
"for a finite field and scalar",
    [ IsField and IsFinite, IsScalar ],
function(F, b)
    local q, d, z, l, bas, i;
    if b=0*b then
        b := One(F);
    q := Size(LeftActingDomain(F));
    d := Dimension(F);
    z := PrimitiveRoot(F);
        l := [b];
        for i in [1..d-1] do
          Add(l, l[i]^q);
        bas := Basis(F, l);
        b := b*z;
    until bas <> fail;
    return l;

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