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Subject: help with permutation groups

Hello all,
I need some help working with permutation group. I am working with the 
schreier-sims algorithm as implemented in GAP. I am usin StabChain to 
create a record for the group (as I understand it right now). Then say I 
want to create a random element of the group. I want to proceed in the 
folowing way, pick an random coset and then  a coset representative
of G_{i+1} in G_i for each i and multiply them.

Also suppose I have a element g of the group and I want to do a 
constructive membership testing, i.e. I want to find the word in stab 
chain representing g.

I think the information is there hiding in the record. Can some one 
please point me to the right direction.

Thanks in advance

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