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Sergei Haller Sergei.Haller at math.uni-giessen.de
Fri Aug 13 13:39:28 BST 2004

On Fri, 13 Aug 2004, Nicola SOTTOCORNOLA (NS) wrote:

NS> H:=MaximalNormalSubgroups(G);                                                       
NS> [ <group of 5x5 matrices of size 16 in characteristic 0> ]
NS> I'd like to study the structure of H. Why I obtain the following error msg?
NS> gap> P := PresentationViaCosetTable(H);;
NS> Error, first argument must be a group [...]

Dear Nicola,

this is because H is a list of groups. Please try

P := PresentationViaCosetTable(H[1]);;

Best wishes,

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