[GAP Forum] 5th International Algebraic Conference in Ukraine (1st Announcement)

Alexander Konovalov gap at gap.zssm.zp.ua
Mon Aug 9 20:11:34 BST 2004

Dear GAP Forum members,
I am forwarding the conference announcement from Odessa.
Best wishes, Alexander Konovalov


                        FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT

The  5th International Algebraic Conference in Ukraine will be held on
20-27,  July,  2005  in the Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University.
The  Conference  is  organized  jointly  by  the Odessa I.I. Mechnikov
National  University,  Kyiv  Taras  Shevchenko National University and
Institute of Mathematics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Chairman  of Organizing committee of conference - V.A.Smyntyna, rector
of ONU;

The  vice-chairman  -  Varbanets  P.D.,  the  head  of  the faculty of
computer and discrete mathematics ONU.

Co-chairmen of Program committee:

  Kirichenko V.V., Sushchanskij V.I.

The conference will include the following topical sections:

1. Rings and Modules;
2. Theory of Groups;
3. Groups and Algebraic Dynamics;
4. Algebraic Geometry, Theory of Representations and Linear algebra;
5. The Analytical and Algebraic Theory of Numbers;
6. Computer Algebra and Discrete Mathematics;
7. Topological Methods in Algebra;
8. Semigroups and Algebraic Systems

We  plan  plenary  talks  (45  min),  section talks (25 min) and short
communications (15 min)

The official languages of the Conference are Ukraine, Russian and English.

Persons interested in participating at the Conference are kindly asked
to  register  by e-mail or by post (see Appendix 1) as well as to send
one  page  abstract in English, which should be prepared in LaTeX (see
Appendix 2) both by e-mail and by post till April 15, 2005.

At the moment more than 100 algebraists from different countries asked
to be included in the mailing list of the Conference.

The registration fee is 100 USD (for accompanying persons 50 USD), for
participants  from  the  countries  of  the  former  Soviet  Union the
registration  fee  is  30  USD  (for accompanying persons 15 USD). The
registration  fee is to be paid upon arrival in Odessa. The fee covers
organization  costs: abstracts, tea/coffee during breaks, and cultural

The  accomodation  price  in Odessa at the moment is from 20 to 80 USD
per night depending on facilities.

Further  information  you  can  find on the web page of the Conference

The  Organizing  Committee will have the opportunity to pre-book rooms
in  Students  Hostel  (for  interested  participants).  We regret that
travel and daily expenses cannot be paid by the Organizing Committee.

For  further  information  or  specific  requests  please  contact the
Organizing Committee at the below e-mail address
algconf at imem.odessa.ua
varb at te.net.ua

The correspondence should be addressed to:
Prof. Dr. P.D. Varbanets
Department of Mathematics, Economics and Mechanics
Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University
2 Dvoryanskaya str.
65026 Odessa
Tel/Fax: +38 (0482) 23-82-00
Tel: +38 (0482) 68-83-29

Appendix 1

Please, fill in the registration form below in LaTeX and send it to us
algconf at imem.odessa.ua or by post

First name: _______________________________________________

Other names: _____________________________________________

Birth date: _______________  Citizenship: ____________________

Postal address: ____________________________________________


Institution and affiliation: ___________________________________


Phone/fax number:  _________________________________________


E-mail: ___________________________________________________

Talk: I intend to give a lecture/I do not intend to give a lecture

Section: ___________________________________________________

Co-authors: _______________________________________________

Title of the talk: ___________________________________________



Additional information:


Date of arrival in Odessa:  _____________________________________

Accomodation: (please, indicate the type of appartment, hotel rating,
and the period for which you intend to stay at the hotel)


Appendix 2

Abstracts  of  the talks will be published before the beginning of the
conference. Please send your abstracts composed according to the Latex
template  below  (not  to  exceed  one  page)  to  the  email  address
algconf at imem.odessa.ua before April 15, 2005.

{\LARGE Title}
\vskip 0.1cm
\centerline{\large \large A.~Authors }
\vskip 0.7cm
The body of the abstract here
\small{ Your address here }

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