[GAP Forum] Generating the total number of distinct permutations in the set UG

Bulutoglu Dursun A Civ AFIT/ENC Dursun.Bulutoglu at afit.edu
Sat Jul 31 21:07:02 BST 2004

	Dear Gap Forum;
	I was able to generate two permutation groups U and G in GAP.  U
has order 480 and G has order 185794560. Let elements of U be u_1, u_2,
...u_480. I am interested in the cosets 
u_1G, u_2G,...u_480G. I would like to be able to compute the number of
distinct such cosets of G. (Here there may be repeated cosets.) I was
wondering how I could do this  efficiently in GAP. I would very much
appreciate the help.

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